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When you work with us, you get the personalized care and attention of a boutique agency coupled with the powerful expertise of a large firm. Our team moves fast to help clients stabilize crises and deliver an integrated response while maintaining performance.


From oversight of top down messaging, targeted marketing and outbound communications programs to curated and continuous image management, Strasse Strategic Communications embraces a holistic approach centered on elevation of core strengths and a hands-on approach to perceptional challenges.


We have helped numerous organizations across a broad range of competitive industries effectively broadcast their greatest assets, while transforming emerging challenges into real-world opportunities.


How are accurate are your quotes?

We have been quoting for many years and have developed our own system of quoting which involves lots of checking, cross checking, checking again, more checking and then a peer review before we are finished. Our process picks up most things that are important. After all, its not much use preparing a quote that allows for most things but misses important information. Drawings and specifications often have errors or contradictions. We check all relevant documents to ensure that these are picked up and either allowed for or tagged out. We quote the whole project item-by-item because we often pick up significant errors on window schedules. We prepare the quote so they are sales and site-measure ready and within 4% of the final price. Extrusions, glass and hardware are generally accurate, but may not be perfect because most of technical and complex projects need these sorting out at site measure time. Head flashings, sill pans, support bars and reveals are approximate (usually worst case). Suites and specifications quoted as per project documents unless advised otherwise.

What exactly do you do?

We prepare aluminium joinery quotes for your complicated projects on a freelance basis. There are lots of reasons why you would use us. Maybe you're too busy? Maybe you're quoting using a suite you're not familiar with? Maybe you're not sure if your software will allow for everything? Maybe the plans are incredibly complicated with lots of details? Whatever the reason, we're here to help you.

Do you stick to technical guidelines?

Yes! Sometimes projects contain items that are shouldn't really be built as drawn. We use our experience and the technical team along with client stakeholder communication to work out a cost-effective and aesthetic solution. We don't quote items that are beyond their design/physical capabilities or that shouldn't be built unless you specifically order us to.

How do you prepare our quotes?

Quotes are prepared on your quoting software in your office. We connect via the internet so that when we've finished, you can edit or copy the quote when it comes time to requote, site measure, order materials or prepare for production. Additional tags and allowances are added to each item and to the end of the quote to make things very clear for you and your client. We can provide our own connection software for an annual fee, or your IT experts can set up a link for us.

Do you communicate with our clients?

We communicate directly with your clients, architects, builders, and construction companies to get questions answered quickly and free up your time. If we send emails we'll copy you in to all communications so you keep up to date with the project. Of course, if you'd prefer all communications to go through you then we can work this way too.

What are your quote letters like?

All specifications, notes and details are either quoted or tagged out. Technical projects have these listed at the end of the quote or noted on a simple quote letter. Complex projects have these detailed on a quote multi-page letter which communicates to you and your client exactly what is included and is not included (or has been assumed because of conflicts or missing information). It is imperative that these quotes letters are presented to your client along with other quote paperwork to ensure you are covered. Options for frame types, hardware, glass, and folded flashings are calculated as required.

What suites are you familiar with?

That's a good question. We're familiar and quote on a regular basis all suites associated with Altus and Fairview Systems. Whether is it residential, architectural, thermal, high-performance architectural, shopfront, flushglaze, curtainwall or glazing bars, we've prepared a quote for them all. We also know the limits of most suites and any extra labour or component requirements that we need to allow.

What software do you use?

We use your software in your office. We quote regularly on Fusion, V6 and X1 software. Because we are familiar with both software packages, we know what the software is allowing for and what we need to allow for manually. When Anthony started in the industry in 1995, Alexsys was the quoting software we all used. Except for commercial suites which had to be quoted using pencil and paper. Production sheets for these were also done on paper which gave him a lot of knowledge about how suites go together. Any unskilled person can use quoting software to prepare quotes that look correct, but there are big traps if the user doesn't know the software or the suites - incorrect extrusions can be added which can cause big problems when extrusions and glass are ordered!

What about privacy?

Ah, the big question! We've signed confidentiality agreemnts with Fairview, Fletcher Aluminium and Nalco. We've no interest in sharing information either about you or to you about competitor pricing, suites, software, and future plans. We're in the business of quoting, not sharing state secrets. You'll never hear anything about your competitors from us, which means we'll not be sharing information about you to others either. If we shared information that we shouldn't, then very quickly we'd no longer have a business or jobs. We've quoted over half-a-billion dollars of work since 2002 and plan to continue doing this in the future. There's a lot more money to be earned from quoting joinery than sharing confidential information!

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